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The Weeknd – Dawn FM (2LP)

The Weeknd – Dawn FM (2LP)

4 400 ₽
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Артикул 102204
Формат 2 x Пластинки, LP, Album
Лейбл XO – B0035096-01, Republic Records – B0035096-01, Selecta Sound – B0035096-01
Дата релиза Apr 29, 2022
Страна Worldwide
Состояние Новое


A1 Dawn FM
A2 Gasoline
A3 How Do I Make You Love Me?
A4 Take My Breathe
B1 Sacrifice
B2 A Tale By Quincy
B3 Out of Time
B4 Here We Go...Again
C1 Best Friends
C2 Is There Someone Else
C3 Starry Eyes
C4 Every Angel Is Terrifying
D1 Don't Break My Heart
D2 I Heard You're Married
D3 Less Than Zero
D4 Phantom Regret By Jim

Описание альбома "The Weeknd – Dawn FM (2LP)"

4 400 ₽
В корзину